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Girl I need something to tide me over til tonight T^T

I just bought the new Animal Crossing and a 3DS xl to tide me over. I’ve had it less than a day and I’ve put 15 hours into it ohgodwhy.jpg. ALSO I CAN’T LOOK AT MY DASH BECAUSE MY TORRENT HASN’T DOWNLOADED YET. I am actually dying.

Just a quick one for now as I have to go to work herpderp.
Today is hand porn day.
Perfect blog idea. I expect my new favorite blog on tumblr.

Thank you so much! I’m hoping that it will, in time, become a really quality blog with as much interesting information as I (and others) can provide packed into easily digestible bite-sized pieces, with a decent tagging system and enough sourcing that anyone wishing to learn more can find the information they need.

Thank you again for your kind comments!

you are literally the greatest person ever, I'm in love with this show and I love knowing more about it and you are absolutely perf okay

omg I am actually almost crying from happiness THIS FANDOM IS SO NICE. Seriously you guys are so amazing and welcoming and I may have to print out and frame this comment for days when I’m feeling less than perf omg.